Porridge from Petaling Street

Minced pork porridge

Fake rolexes and fake longchamps ( in colors that you would love on the original).These can be found at Petaling Street a haven for budget shopping. More importantly it’s where I got the porridge in the consistency that I like.  The picture was taken at 7am in the morning. It’s best to head early to avoid the crowd and the heat. The streets are very narrow and some cars insist on driving through so as we sat beside the road, cars passed us at turtle pace barely touching our shoulders.

Can you see the pork bits in the porridge? There is heterogeneity in them. And its served in a bowl rather than a claypot. Which means the heat dissipates fast but on the upside it cools down faster and you get eat it at a decent pace.

I almost forgot, please take a second look at the picture above, can you also see the bit and yellow minced bits ( salted egg bits) which give this porridge the saltiness you crave early in the morning to get the system going. No soya sauce needed.  Yum.!


Pho in KL

G16 and I

There are no fat people in Vietnam, specifically, I saw no fat people in Ho Chin Minch and I have been there twice and I did quite a bit of people watching when I was there for the two trips. So here is the theory, they eat healthily. Loads of vegetables , minimal carbohydrate and nothing much is deep fried. Our diet appears to be the direct opposite which may explain why Malaysians are quite the fattest in the South East Asia Region. 1 in 4 Malaysians are overweight. If you don’t believe me, look around with open eyes.

This Pho can be found at Pho Hoa, The Curve its tucked discretely behind the louder shops and parallel to the flea market. If the weather permits, I suggest sitting outside because you get face the water feature plus taking pictures with natural sunlight is a bonus for any albums you want to have.

Vietnamese noodles

They serve it with these condiments. Crunchy fresh taugeh and a half lime which you squeeze into the Pho…..and mint leaves. Quite a generous helping of this so you won’t be sorry you’ve eaten here.

Pho Hoa Noodle Soup, G34, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, 40870 Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-7725 9880

  • these pictures were taken with canon powershot G16. Back in the days where I still lug the camera about. Since owning a samsung S5 and iPhone 6 plus, I’ve gotten lazy

MasalaThosai at Brickfields


We didn’t specifically head to Brickfields for thosai. This was after morning mass and the most logical place to eat would be somewhere near. How did we pick our stall? By the number of people seated outside of course. At 8:10am there weren’t many shops opened for business some had no outdoor seating and we didn’t fancy sitting inside an air conditioned room so early in the day.

I had Masala Thosai which has stuffed potatoes and some vegetables in between the two thin layer of Thosai. Some of the potatoes weren’t as soft as I like it to be. the lumpiness wasn’t nice. So I’m docking off marks for that. What I do like about this shop is the condiments which come in a 4-container contraption and a ladle inside each. It’s left at your table for some time, and you get to serve yourself. The coconut chutney is very nice. And the fish curry is light and flavorful. So that’s a major plus point.


Here is the view of people seated outside the restaurant. We are all enjoying the early morning fresh air.


Inside the shop, you get to see cooking done right in front of you


Porridge at Viva Mall

Porridge Time Viva Mall

They are many ways of cooking porridge. The stall which used to serve it just the way I like it has closed down. It’s a coffee shop off Jalan Kuching. The shop itself is still operating but like most coffee shops there were many smaller tenants vending and the porridge was just one of them.Since then, I’ve been on a porridge hunt for a replacement shop which can serve porridge just like the old shop.

And so here we are at Viva Mall along Jalan Loke Yew, it’s not very well know. Currently there is a Popular Book Sale, every book for RM5. Good deal. But when there isn’t a book sale, there isn’t much that would lead you here. Mainly furniture shops; floor depot, Getha mattress, lighting shops, etc

They do however have a few good stalls to eat. We decided to try out the porridge stall. It’s empty in the shot because we were early.

Minced meat porridge

The verdict? Yes the consistency was just about right. And the minced pork bits were uneven in size ( I like that) and some had disintegrated into the porridge.  My one gripe would be this; perhaps a more generous mince pork serving would be good. And I didn’t quite like the clay pot serving. I prefer mine in a porcelein bowl.

If you are interested in trying, it’s Viva mall. And you may want to head there early. We went there last Wednesday at 2pm and the shop was closed.

Porridge Time,

1-08, First floor, Viva Home Shopping Mall,

85, Jalan Loke Yew

Kuala Lumpur Cheras 55200


Absolute Thai


I flew into JB last weekend for a talk. And since the timing went well, i.e. nobody asked many questions I found myself with a huge chunk of Sunday morning free. So I headed to Johor Premium Outlet, better known as JPO by most other Malaysians. The haze wasn’t so bad last Sunday so we had glimpses of sunshine -peeking through the clouds. It was warm. And upon arrival I headed straight for food. This picture was taken at Absolute Thai at JPO. The service was fast. The standard of the food, ( I can vouch for this dish only because I only ever order this)  was exactly the same as the one found in The Gardens as well as Sunway Putra. I was early so the crowd was sparse and I got my food pretty fast.


This picture was taken while waiting for my lunch. Most Absolute Thai branches don’t have windows. You sit surrounded by walls which they decorate nicely. So this branch is different in a lovely way. You have a sense of what’s happening outside. And you get natural lighting. This is nice

A restaurant in Kepong ( Not a food post)


This dog does not smell and is a food snob. We once drop a small piece of Euy Char Kuey on the floor for Mr Dog and he barely took a sniff. What he did was look haughtily at us ( and succeeded in making us feel bad ) for a good 4 seconds before he looked away and walked off slowly and deliberately.

He is named after his owner and although he doesn’t appear to answer to the name I am pretty sure he knows it. A reliable source informs me that Mr Dog’s staple diet consists among others things; roti canai with sugar, braise pork and pork cooked in other styles, chicken too and no rice.  He is not truly Malaysian then because how can anyone not like rice??

Dim Sum


This dim sum is called” fried prawn and ginger”. Misleading because it doesn’t sound at all nice this way but eating it you get the crunch of the pastry which is very light and melts in the mouth. And you taste the prawn ( no surprise there) and a hint of ginger, the combination makes this a tasty dim sum.


They have a selection of three different porridge and we chose for the first time oyster and peanut porridge. Smooth consistency. I actually like my porridge slightly lumpy with bits of mince meat of varying sizes found inside the porridge and topped with a generous helping of condiments. At hotels, where i control all this at the buffet corner, this is bliss.  The oyster potion is small so don’t worry about it overpowering the porridge. It does not. The peanuts are are softer than the ones found in Nasi Lemak. But not as soft as the ones you get as starters at some chinese restaurants. My overall verdict is a yes to this for seconds the next visit here


Kailan and oyster sauce. Please look carefully at the picture. Do you see the cut potions? And this is what makes this special.No more long leafy potions hanging from your mouth as you attempt to stuff the entire bit whilst looking like a cow. This restaurants attempt at thoughtfulness is a welcome surprise. Bite size potions always available and dare I add, the taste is super too


Chee Cheong Fun with crunchy bits inside.Served in an elegant plate like this. My only complain is the small potion of sauce. The shallowness makes dipping the chee cheong fun hard. I’ve had the bit slip from the chopstick onto the table a few times. After eating this one here, most other places version pales in comparison. Hehe.